Research Services

Tailor Equity Research

Penserra’s equity research is a client-driven fundamental research platform offering two solutions for investment managers; Customized and Semi-Customized/Shared reports.

Customized Solution

Our Customized solution is an efficient, cost-effective and compliance friendly way to gain access to an industry’s participants. We work with clients to develop the questions to be asked, whom to target, and the sample size. Penserra does the rest to provide a meaningful deliverable on the back end.

Semi-Custom Solution

Our Semi-Customized solution allows investment managers to collaborate on ideas and propose the best questions to get answered, while sharing in the costs with a select group of participating investors. The research report and data deliverables are only shared with this small group to maintain the proprietary nature of the research.

We Help You

  • Penserra gives you access to industry participants through survey-based research to increase the breadth and depth of your market intelligence.
  • Our team helps structure the parameters, questions and sample before launching a survey. We then summarize, analyze and synthesize the data on the back end to provide your team a meaningful deliverable.

Our Unique Approach

Our proprietary Crowd-Sourcing technology provides highly vetted surveyors that can ask targeted questions and navigate to hard to reach areas that Expert Networks can not.

Our surveys are call based and B2B focused, providing high quality, insightful research that is compliance friendly.

We work with you throughout the process to develop the most meaningful product before launch.  You then outsource to use and we provide meaningful data, analysis and a summary research report upon completion.

Special Situations Research

Penserra’s Special Situation Research offer three unique strategies with proven, back-tested results.

  • Our Tender Offer strategy identifies tender offer buy-backs where a company is buying back their shares and we anticipate the buy-back price to be at a premium to current market prices..
  • Our Share-Class Strategy identifies companies that offer shares on different stock-exchanges or with different share classes that are trading at historically disparate spreads.  
  • Our Holding-Company Strategy identifies companies that hold other public companies and that one of those holdings represents a substantial percentage of the overall valuation.

Our Proprietary Approach

  • All of our strategies use a proprietary screening tool to identify the unique opportunities. Tools like our proprietary proration algorithm help identify unique alpha generated ideas.
  • Most importantly, these strategies have been modified and perfected through many years. Penserra is available to counsel customers through the whole investment process. 

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