Penserra Perspectives

Lost in Transition

Portfolio Transition Management in 2018 The 2018 global financial landscape has featured sweeping tax reform, rising interest rates, regulatory upheaval, and escalating trade wars. The result of this economic maelstrom has been a deluge of investment uncertainty,...

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XIV Killed the ETN Star

Betting on VIX Volatility: It Worked Until It Didn’t Work On February 6, after a day that saw VIX volatility (the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility index forever known as Wall Street’s “fear index”) spike from 17 to 37 owing to a 4% decline of the S&P...

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What, Me Worry?

Warning:  Inflating our way out of debt with demand-pull inflation can be hazardous to your wealth   On January 31, the Congressional Budget Office said the United States was expected to bump up against the federal debt limit earlier than previously expected, a...

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